Our Services

Though a foreign institution, Access Finance (Cameroon) has been tailored to meet the needs of its locality. Prime among this is its daily savings scheme, commonly called ACAHO or MOBILE CASH OFFICE
With this scheme, clients of access finance save some money on the daily bases and at the end the month, they are paid back the money less by 2 percent deducted as service charge.
Our clients who use this service do not have to come to the bank. Instead, a bank staff goes to their premise/worksite to collect petit savings on a daily basis or as per negotiated by the concerned & the mobile cash officer.

Beneficiaries of this service are mostly small income petit traders, casual workers, jobbers, women, nouveau savers & target project savers or businesspersons who want to make sure they have a target amount of money at the end of the month to take care of monthly bills and other planned aspects.

This service is open for both account and non-account holders of Access Finance .