Salary Account Domicilaition

Conditions for :
Officials and agents of the state
- Request for salary domiciliation Access Finance stamped addressed in MINFI;
- Bulletin of balance;
- Certificate presence in post;
- Photocopy of the CNI valid;
- 5,000 FCFA for opening fee;
- 2 4x4 photos
- Map of the home
Private sector employees
- Request for salary domiciliation CAPE addressed to the employer;
- Photocopy of valid CNI;
- 5000 FCFA for costs of operation;
- 2 4x4 photos
- Map of the home;

Beneficiaries of this service are mostly small income petit traders, casual workers, jobbers, women, nouveau savers & target project savers or businesspersons who want to make sure they have a target amount of money at the end of the month to take care of monthly bills and other planned aspects.

This service is open for both account and non-account holders of Access Finance .