Access Finance is a microfinance created with the aim of helping people realize their dreams and micro-projects. With our flexible policies tailored to meet the needs of such persons, Access Finance is the peoples' banking partner. Access Finance stands out high as a Leading Micro Finance in Cameroon in both services and customer-based innovations.

The ultimate goal of Access Finance is to set the pace for change in banking the unbanked and Slim the line between the wallet and the account.

This change is much needed for many people of the informer sector to remain in business, carry their activities normally, maintain their status in the society and grow.

Access Finance seeks to create a platform where people of the formal and informal sector can come together for a mutually profitable venture. For the realization of this goal, Access Finance for the sole benefit of its clients has diverted from normal conventional banking principles to customer/client reliant & relevant service orientation.

Access Finance has launched an ambitious goal of becoming a full commercial bank by 2020.